Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Last Scott Wedding for a While

My family gathered in College Station this weekend to celebrate my cousin Jennifer and her new husband Jarred.  Jennifer and Jarred are both fellow Aggies (whoop!), and it was fun to head back to our old stomping grounds for their wedding weekend.

          DSCF1223              DSCF1227 

Last year at this time, me, my cousin Dan, and my cousin Jennifer were all engaged and planning our respective weddings.  As of last night, we are all three married!  It has been so nice to see some members of my extended family that I do not get to see very often three times within just one year.  Dan and Kim were married last February; Austin and I got married in May; and now Jen and Jarred have joined the married club! 

     DSCF1218                  DSCF1221

DSCF1224       DSCF1228

       DSCF1229        DSCF1230


                 DSCF1232           DSCF1226     


And yes, Austin was there with me, but none of the pictures he was in turned out very well.  The wedding and reception were both beautiful, and we all had a wonderful time!  I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was too busy visiting, eating, trying to keep up with Austin on the dance floor!

After breakfast/brunch this morning we were back on the road to Dallas.  We went and “played” tennis (a.k.a. hit some balls around, practiced our swings, and tried to sustain a volley)for a little while this afternoon and got some frozen yogurt for a treat!  I am already in my pajamas and looking forward to watching some of the Golden Globes red carpet.  I missed the Miss America pageant last night and can’t wait to make up for that by oohing and ahhing over some pretty dresses tonight!

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  1. Beautiful wedding! Her bridal portrait is too cute and that cake is to die for!