Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fun Facts

My friend Brittany tagged me in one of those fun "getting to know you" posts that is currently making its way 'round the blog world.

Just follow the rules {posted below} and enjoy my random facts. :)

the rules:

1. you must post the rules.

2. post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.

3. answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.

4. tag eleven people and link them on your post

5. let them know you've tagged them!

my {fun} facts

1. I love having my nails painted, but I have gotten approximately two manicures in the last year.  Growing up, my Mom always painted our nails, and I still think she does a better job than most manicurists.  I am slowly but surely improving at painting my own nails, and it just makes me smile to look down at a my hands when my nails are painted. (Right now they are painted “Ballet Slippers” by Essie, and I am loving life!)

2.  My favorite thing to eat for lunch is what Austin likes to call the “rabbit plate.”  An ideal rabbit plate contains cheese, crackers, apple or pear slices, some almonds, a few carrots, and maybe some olives or pickled okra.  So delish.

3. I have a key in the back of my planner that lists what each of the six highlighter colors I use stands for.  Blue is for birthdays, yellow is for important things, green is for social, pink is for church activities, etc.  Whenever I write something in pen in my planner, I box it in the appropriate highlighter color. 

4. I love my paper planner and will stand firm against an e-calendar forever. 

5. My favorite place I have ever lived is Jackson, MS.  Getting used to living in Dallas is a work in progress, and I still miss Jackson all the time. 

6. Growing up, I had two very close friends named Katie and Katey.  We had a LOT of slumber parties together growing up in Ruston.  Katie got married in 2010, I got married in 2011, and Katey is getting married in 2012.  We all three chose green bridesmaids dresses, and we all three live in Texas now.  Great minds think alike :) 

7. I went to A.E. Phillips Lab School, which is on the campus of Louisiana Tech University, for K-8th grade (along with Katie and Katey).  My class had the same 30ish people in it for all nine years, and I still remember most of their birthdays. 

8. I come from a long line of good cooks, and one of my life goals is to make a roast like my Grandma, green beans like my Mammo, pickles like my Big Pop, tea cakes like my Grandmother, and everything else like my Mom. 

9. The monogrammed Tervis Tumbler that Austin got me for Christmas has quickly become my most used Christmas gift.  I have been drinking so much more water thanks to that thing!  Love it. 

10. Like Brittany, my closet is color-coordinated and is organized by season.

11. Austin and I both really want a golden retriever, but we are waiting until we move into a house before we get a puppy.  I really love our apartment and am in no hurry to move, but I definitely have “the itch” to get a dog. 

And now for Stephanie's questions....

1. What is your favorite part about blogging?

I like that I take more pictures now that I have a blog.  I also like having a place to look back and reminisce. I also really like reading other blogs.  There are some blogs I have been reading for 3+ years that I look forward to reading daily.  There are also so many brands and products that I have only discovered because I saw them on other blogs.  Now, I can’t imagine not knowing about Boden, RueLaLa, One Kings Lane, and many more!

2. Who is your celebrity crush?

We just finished watching Lonesome Dove, and I LOVE Gus.  That is all I can think of right now.  Well, obviously Rhett Butler.  Always. 

3. What is your favorite place/city in the world?

Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  It is where we went on our Honeymoon, and it is a beautiful place!  There are a ton of places on my “to go” list, but for now, Cape Elizabeth. 

4. If you could tell us a time when you helped a stranger the most, when was it?

Our Sunday School class made “blessing bags” in the fall as a missions project, and I would like to think that we helped at least one of the people we handed them out to. 

5. If you could have only one magazine subscription for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Southern Living. But I really want Garden & Gun for my birthday (AUSTIN). 

6. What is your biggest fear?

Deep water… I do not get in the water past my ankles when I go to the beach. 

7. What is your guilty pleasure?

Sweets – candy, cookies, cake, pie.  Love it all. 

8. Can you recall your favorite childhood memory?

All of our family road trips 

9. Facebook or Twitter?

I probably spend too much time on both of them, but I have gotten to where I like Twitter better than Facebook. 

10. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Hearing people chew/swallow.  It really really grosses me out.  I hate loud chewers. 

11. How would you sum yourself up in three words or less?

Organized. Perceptive. Dedicated.

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