Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Wedding Weekend

Yep, we are headed to Austin today weekend for another wedding!  Speaking of weddings, we got two save the dates and one invitation in the mail this week!!  So fun! 

I woke up early to catch up on some things that got pushed to the back burner during the week, and we are having breakfast with our long lost Sunday School friends this morning before we hit the road.  Seriously, we are going on week two of being out of town for the weekend.  I really miss our church and our church friends, so this little breakfast will be perfect to tide me over until we are back in our Dallas weekend routine.  Also, shout out to the lovely Reb who is picking me up from the airport tomorrow – thank you!!

Last night we headed west to Fort Worth to see our friends Matthew and Mallory.  They are getting married in June and living in the DFW area – I can’t wait for supper club!  Every time I have been to Fort Worth from Dallas, it feels like a whole other world.  The two cities are SO VERY DIFFERENT.  Fort Worth is so relaxed and laid back and so very western.  It is really like you are in the wild west. 

We went to Reata for dinner.  This restaurant is about as “Fort Worth” as they come, and it was so fun!  Sadly, the only picture I took for the night was of the waiting area on my phone.  There were several men in cowboy hats throughout the restaurant, and in Fort Worth, that is clearly the norm.  It is amazing how going 30ish miles away can feel so far.  Summary: go to Reata if you are looking for a good meal and a fun atmosphere in Fort Worth.   


Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend!

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