Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Recap

2011 was a BUSY year.  It was an exciting year that was full of changes and milestones and new beginnings.  It will undoubtedly be hard to top.  There were some bittersweet moments, some of the happiest moments of my life so far, and some stressful moments (bar exam, I loathe you). 


  • I did my first 10K with my running buddy Laura.


  • We took engagement pictures.
  • I started my last semester of law school and spent most of the month working on a brief for my last moot court competition.


  • Austin took (and passed!) his first section of the CPA exam.
  • We attended my cousin Dan’s wedding in Georgetown, TX.


  • I traveled to Austin, TX for a moot court competition and made it to the final round of the competition.


  • I traveled to New York City for another moot court competition and went to my first Broadway Show (Mamma Mia).
  • I had three wedding showers – one in Texas and two in Louisiana.

DSC03012         DSC03055


  • Wedding planning was in full force!
  • I turned 24.


  • I wrote a lot of thank you notes, had my final dress fitting, and took my bridal portraits. 




  • My friends and sister hosted a bachelorette weekend and lingerie shower for me, and it was so fun!

April 17, 2011 037

  • We celebrated Easter with my family in east Texas.

Spring 2011 010

  • I had a beautiful linen shower in Jackson. (and my Easter dress made a second appearance!)



  • Austin and I both took finals for the last time!
  • I squeezed in as many lunches and dinner dates with my Jackson friends as I possibly could.
  • I packed up my Jackson apartment where I spent three of my favorite years ever.
  • I graduated from law school and flew to Texas to watch Austin graduate from grad school the next morning!


  • We went to Billy and Carly’s wedding in Austin (on the same day that Austin graduated!).
  • We had the busiest week of our lives leading up to our wedding.
  • We got married on May 21!  It was my favorite day and the happiest day of my year.

DSC03174    dance

  • We honeymooned in Maine at the beautiful Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth. 


  • We moved to Dallas!


  • We unpacked for days, and our apartment started to feel like home.
  • We explored our new city.
  • Austin started his job!
  • I studied for the bar exam.  AWFUL.
  • I wrote my last batch of wedding thank you notes.
  • We visited our church, First Baptist Dallas, for the first time. 


  • I studied= I cried and worried and was a miserable person.
  • Austin worked and probably wondered what kind of craze he had married. 
  • I started a Bible study with Dallas friends.
  • I took the dreaded bar exam, and it was absolutely awful.  I hated every second of it, BUT thanks to the good Lord’s provision, I made it through. 


  • My mom came to town and we fabric shopped for window treatments
  • Austin’s family came to town and we celebrated my father-in-law’s birthday and went to Six Flags!
  • I cooked a lot and did other housewife things I had been putting off due to bar exam prep. 
  • We officially joined our church!


  • We did lots of fun things with people from our Sunday School class – SS party, dinners, and lunches after church. 
  • I visited my family for a few days and got to see my youngest sister cheer.

MKS Livingston

  • We celebrated Austin’s 24th birthday.
  • We went to Fort Worth with great friends and ate at Joe T’s, explored the Stockyards, and attended Midnight Yell before the Arkansas game. 


  • I visited Jackson and had a wonderful time catching up with many of my friends there.  DSCN1342   
  • I started this blog!
  • We went to College Station for the A&M vs. Missouri game and were very sad Aggies when we lost. 



  • We had lots of dinners with friends, and I went to an engagement party for my BFF Katey!
  • We celebrated Thanksgiving in east Texas with my family.
  • We watched the last A&M vs. Texas game and were very sad about the outcome…


  • We had a whirlwind of Christmas festivities here in Dallas before traveling for two weeks to see family over the holidays. 
  • We spent one fun week in Austin with Austin’s family, and then we spent several days in east Texas with my family
  • We rang in the New Year with great friends at a beautiful wedding

Well that was lengthy.  What a year!  I’ll be back tomorrow with goals for 2012.

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  1. What a year! You and your husband are so accomplished and you look lovely in all your pics!