Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mad Men and Weekend Happenings

Austin and I are new Mad Men converts. We started watching season one a few months ago and are only three episodes away from finishing season four. I don't know what I am going to do when I cannot just watch the next episode in Netflix and actually have to wait until March for season five to begin!

Last night we camped out on our couch and watched two episodes. It was a very relaxing and low key night in, but it was a great way to end a busy week. Being almost done with seasons one through four, here are some random Mad Men thoughts...

- I miss Betty and Don together and married! While they clearly did not have a great marriage, the few times things were "good" between them, it was just so cute. It is amazing that the writers of this show can make you want to root for their marriage even though Don cheated like it was his job.

- Betty is even more annoying now that she is remarried. I don't know if I have ever wanted to physically shake a TV character more. There are some parts of Betty that I really do like, and I want to like her, but she is just so immature and spoiled and selfish!

- I am near tears every single time Lane Pryce is in a scene. I feel SO SORRY FOR HIM! He just breaks my heart. One of the episodes we watched last night had a scene where he thought his son was coming to visit him and he went out into the lobby to meet his son with a huge Mickey stuffed animal and balloons, then his downer of a dad was there instead. Breaks my heart. Then his dad hit him in the head with his cane! I cannot take it!

- Roger is my very favorite character.

- Don is frustrating. I feel like he just needs to get a grip.

- Peggy's hair has come a LONG way. During season one, I could barely stand to watch her scenes because her hair and clothes were so bad. She has made some major strides, thank goodness.

- I think Betty's new husband is a CREEPER. How can he just live in Don's house like that? He is just weird, but I can't wait to find out more about him.

- What happened to Peggy and Pete's son? I remember he was in some scene with an Easter egg hunt, but where did he go? Did her sister adopt him? I wonder if Trudy will ever find out?

- I love Carla. Last night Sally made french toast and told Don that Carla had taught her how. I guess that is just the way things were, but thank goodness she has Carla to teach her. We all know Betty wouldn't!

Ok, that got a little lengthy!

Austin is hunting this morning, and I know he is missing his college buddies! I am planning to use this time to make some headway on our Christmas cards. My goal is to get them in the mail on Monday.

This afternoon we are headed to shop for a headboard! Almost seven months without one is giving me a rash. We are also going to shop for the white elephant gifts we need for various parties and make a trip to the post office to mail a couple of Christmas gifts. Last Saturday the traffic all over Dallas was terrible, so here's to hoping it will not be so bad this afternoon!

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