Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Cutest Groomsmen Gift

Last night we went to the rehearsal dinner for our good friends Katie and Rob. Their wedding is tonight at Perkins Chapel at SMU, and their reception is at the Dallas Aquarium! So excited! So many of our college pals are coming in town to celebrate Rob and Katie (and New Year's Eve) tonight. It is going to be such a fun time! We have celebrated NYE in the past with this group of friends, and it will be good to have everyone back together and continue that tradition.

A little back story on these friends: Billy, Austin, and Rob lived together for two years in college at A&M. Carly and Billy had been dating since high school and Rob and Katie met at A&M and were already dating when I came on the scene. Austin and I started dating his freshmen (my sophomore) year when he was living with Billy and Rob. The six of us share lots of memories at that house - many nights of cooking supper together, watching movies, playing games, etc. Here we are in college (keeping it classy at the College Station Chili's) - this is just a few months after Austin and I started dating.

Billy and Carly got married in May, and then one week later, Austin and I got married. Today it is Rob and Katie's turn! Last night we were reminiscing a little bit and talking about how things have really come full circle. Even though none of us live in the same town now, we have our time together at A&M and our fun memories from the Arboles house to tie us together.

After rehearsing at the church last night, we feasted on some tasty Mexican food at Mattito's in Uptown. Rob then gifted all of his groomsmen with such a fun and unique gift. Cuff links. Now, you might be thinking that cuff links as a groomsmen gift is the most unoriginal thing ever, but these were no ordinary cuff links. Rob picked out and hunted down cuff links for each groomsmen that represented something unique about them. One groomsmen got bullet cuff links, one got carabiner cuff links because he and Rob had hiked together, but Billy and Austin's were my favorite!

When the boys lived together, Billy had two black cats - Harry and Lloyd. So, Billy received two black cat cuff links last night. Austin used to have a maroon moped in college that he would ride to class and football games. Rob tracked down red (maroon-ish!) cuff links for Austin to wear tomorrow in the wedding, and they are the cutest thing ever!

Austin and our friend Amber (who will also be here tonight for the festivities!)

Great job, Rob! I am so impressed with how creative and personal these groomsmen gifts are. I cannot post about Rob's gifts without mentioning that Katie MADE garment and shoe bags for all of her bridesmaids out of fabric that coordinates with her wedding colors- so precious!

We are gearing up to watch the Aggies in their bowl game this afternoon and for a fun night of celebrating with friends. I am off to the grocery store fill our empty fridge back up and get some black eyed peas and cabbage for tomorrow!

Happy New Year's Eve to you!

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