Thursday, December 15, 2011

2012: the Year of Weddings

Eleven weddings between now and June 15. That is eleven weddings in the next six months y'all. OMG. I made a master list of our upcoming weddings and corresponding wedding gifts we have purchased/need to purchase and almost had a little heart attack. BUT, I adore going to weddings, and I am excited for all of our friends and family that we will get to celebrate with in the coming months!

Here is a little run-down:

2 weddings on NYE (sad we can only go to one!)
2 weddings in January
1 wedding in February
2 weddings in March
1 BFF's wedding in April
1 wedding in May
2 weddings in June

The real question is what in the world am I going to wear to all of these festivities? I'll be wearing a bridesmaid's dress at one, a festive gold dress on NYE, and I guess the others will be a good test of how many different ways I can wear the cocktail dresses I have in my closet!

Or maybe I'll show up in this - I wish I could wear it again!

In other news...these little guys went in the mail on Monday and I think most people have received them by now.

I went the homemade route this year, and I was pretty happy with how they turned out. The plethora of photo cards available on the internet is so overwhelming to me, but next year I may have to brave the world of Minted/Shutterfly.

I am LOVING getting Christmas cards in the mail these days! It absolutely makes my day.

Speaking of getting cards in the mail, here are the last two birds of 2011! I have got to figure out how to make these into a calendar or something for next year... stay tuned.

November: pilgrim!

December: do you not just absolutely DIE over that scarf?

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