Monday, November 28, 2011

Trimming the Tree

Yesterday afternoon we found our Christmas tree!  Ben and Rebecca came over after church and we headed to the trusty Farmers Market to begin our tree hunt.  We found a perfect Douglas Fir, and Ben and Rebecca picked out its slightly bigger twin.  The prices were great, and the service at Ruibal's was excellent.  I highly recommend it for any Dallas people looking for a tree! 

Once we got the tree home and Austin and Ben (finally) figured out how to secure it in the tree stand, we started the process of lights....  We definitely underestimated the amount of lights we would need, but after a quick Target run for more, we were back in business.

The tree smells SO GOOD!  It has been years since my parents have had a real tree, and I had a skinny fake tree in law school, so I am definitely loving the Christmas-y smell that this little guy is giving our apartment.

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