Friday, November 4, 2011

Pics From the Week

At Bess Bistro in Austin to celebrate passing the Bar!  

At our celebration dinner (the shirt returns).  This restaurant is amazing - it was the perfect spot to celebrate some good news in the capital city!  We enjoyed a cheese plate for an app, and I had steak and pommes frites - all amazing.  We finished the night off with beignets and coffee.  It was a fabulous celebration!

Pretending I am still a high school cheerleader and making a sign for the football game with Casey:

RB&R - such a tasty fall meal!

I'm looking forward to seeing my family (minus Mel- I'll miss you!) this weekend.  My mom is bringing the last of the window treatments she made for our apartment, and I can't wait to hang that little guy up!  Next week I think I'll do a post on all of the window treatments and the AMAZING fabric store I discovered in Dallas where we got the fabric.  It literally changed my life.     

Happy weekend!

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