Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Goodbye to Texas University...

So long to the orange and the white...

Tomorrow is the LAST (for now) Thanksgiving Day game between Texas A&M and Texas.  As an Aggie who is really excited about moving to the SEC, the game will certainly be bittersweet.  This game has been played for 118 years, and in recent years has been known as the "State Farm Lone Star Showdown." (whoop for State Farm!)

In my mind this will always be one of the most intense rivalries of college football.  Now, I don't know how much you may know about Texas A&M or Texas, but our fight songs happen to mention each other a time or two.  These schools are competitive on virtually every level possible, and this rivalry runs very deep.  The Thanksgiving Day game is the culmination of the A&M football season, and it has always been something that has gone hand-in-hand with the Thanksgiving turkey in my house.

 at the t.u. game in 2008

I am sad to see this rivalry come to a temporary end, but I hope that these schools will play again someday and be able to get past the politics and frustrations that this year has brought.  Tomorrow will hopefully just begin a temporary hiatus for this epic rivalry.

Tomorrow we will be yelling, whooping, and hopefully cheering the Aggies to a victory.  It would just make my day to go out on top, and I can only imagine the S-E-C chants that will be raining down at Kyle Field if an Aggie victory is in store.

Farmers Fight!  Gig 'em Aggies!  BTHO t.u.


  1. I'm a new follower but was so excited to see this post and discover a fellow Aggie I just had to comment! I'm so excited we're headed to the SEC too! Gig 'Em!!

    CJ '11

  2. Well I am so glad you did - even though the game didn't turn out quite like we hoped!