Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

My favorite thing Austin got on our shopping trip on Sunday is a navy/tan/blue check shirt that is quite fall-ish.  He wore it to work today (I finally tackled that mountain of ironing - and by tackled, I mean made a tiny dent), and I just thought he looked so cute! 

Prediction: this shirt might possibly be seen on Thanksgiving day.  Maybe one day I will show you my morning outfit... if it is ever something other than workout clothes. 

Today I have just been really really excited about seeing my sister some of my law school friends very soon!  I have not seen most of them since graduation/our wedding, so a visit is long overdue!  Gchat is fun, but I'm thinking the slumber parties to come next week will be so much better. 

Mel and I have a fun Saturday planned of a movie and organizing (cannot wait!) and probably a rowdy card game with the grands.  I miss her so much and I'm so proud of her - can't wait for our day together!  

Can't wait to see all these sweet girls!  I'm looking so forward to some therapeutic chat sessions re: this strange season of waiting and wondering what the future holds, some good runs and walks with my old running partners, some Bravo watching (if I can stay awake), and some tasty meals at my favorite Jackson places (Newk's favorite salad, here I come). 

Now that this has been sufficiently random, I am off to grate some cheese and make some bacon for the top of our leftover potato soup! 

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