Monday, October 24, 2011

Ruston Weekend

Hello from Jackson!  I am so excited to finally be here with all my faves, but first I had a pit stop in Ruston to visit Mel and the grands.  After I made it to the big R on Friday, Mammo and I went to the newest Karl Malone venture, Teriyaki Grill, for some supper.  No KM sighting, but we had a fun little dinner.  We played a rousing game of 5 Crown while we waited for Mel to get off work, and then I fell asleep on the couch (shocking).  It was a wild night!

Saturday morning Mel and I were up bright and early to head to Shreveport for her Sigma Kappa Alzheimer's walk at the Boardwalk.

Mel loves early mornings! 

We spotted some native wildlife and really good grammar on our walk.  Welcome to Louisiana! 

After the grueling .3 mile walk, we headed back to Ruston and made a stop at the Beehive.  They were all about some birds, and naturally I was loving life when I found this table of goodies: 

It seems like we always end up there when we're in Ruston, but the store has so much stuff that it is really overwhelming.  Our next stop was Counter Culture for lunch and a Humphrey.  Oh my word, if you have never experienced the Humphrey then you are really missing out.  It is heaven in a yogurt cup: frozen yogurt, granola, honey, bananas, grapes, and strawberries = so good.  We substituted peaches (had to get peaches in Ruston, duh) for strawberries and it was delish.  


Our next stop was to visit the Scott grandparents and Mel's turtle Shelly who is currently living in their sun room.  We watched the Aggies BTHO Iowa State (whoop!) and had a good visit with G&P while we were there.  After that, we ran a few more errands and were pretty boring the rest of the night!  

Sunday I went to church with Mammo and Pop and then hit the road to Jackson after lunch at Pizza Inn.  I made a quick Target trip in Jackson before arriving at Em's where she and April were waiting for me!  We visited for a little bit and then I met up with Deanna to run.  She is training for a 1/2 marathon in December and this week her long run was 8 miles.  I was pretty sure I would not be able to make it the whole run, but once we got to chatting and catching up, the miles flew by and it was over in no time!  My legs are definitely feeling it today, but I am pretty proud of us!  

Back at Em's we made breakfast for supper in record time and devoured pancakes, cheese grits, and turkey bacon - so good!!!  We watched the RHONJ reunion together and then all fell asleep (I may or may not have fallen asleep during the end of the reunion...).  Our consensus was that Teresa has officially gone off the deep end and looked like a craze at the reunion.  

Today I am having lunch with Deanna at one of my Jackson favorites, Broad Street, and then doing a little shopping at Renaissance.  Tonight Rebecca and I are planning to watch Gossip Girl and RHOBH together, and I am so excited.  It feels great to be back in my favorite city! 

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