Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ready to Run

Although I "ran cross country" in junior high and "ran track" in high school, running is something that I have really come to love only in the past year or so.  Having a running buddy is the number one reason that I think I have stuck with running.  There are two friends that immediately come to mind when I think about why I started running, and more importantly, why I am still running.  Both of these girls challenged me so much and I absolutely cannot over-emphasize the importance of having a work out accountability partner.

Some lovely action shots during our 10K in January with my old neighbor/running buddy who I miss so much! 

These days my running buddy is Austin (also known as the most energetic human alive), and we are loving exploring all of the fun areas to run in Dallas.  So far we do the majority of our runs at the Katy Trail, which is a 3.5 mile trail in downtown and uptown Dallas.  Most parts of the trail are pretty shaded, which was a tiny bit of relief during our hot hot summer runs.  Our newest favorite running spot is White Rock Lake.  White Rock is a little further away from where we live, but it is a 10 mile loop around a pretty lake surrounded by beautiful homes.  I have noticed that White Rock seems to have a more "hard-core" clientele.  Think lots of lululemon, herds of people from the Dallas Running Club, and people that actually eat those gu things (I have not entered that world yet).  

When we first moved to Dallas, Austin and I planned on doing the White Rock 1/2 marathon in early December and have been training with that goal in mind.  However, last week we re-evaluated and decided that it would be better for us to do our first 1/2 marathon during a less busy and less expensive time of year (and hopefully when it is not super cold!).  We plan to continue our training, and our new goal is to work up to 10 miles and maintain that level of fitness, then add on as our yet-to-be-determined springtime 1/2 marathon approaches.

Whatever distance I am ever able to run, I am thankful for runs that provided some of the best wedding planning sessions with Laura, heart-to-hearts with Sue Ann, and for the conversations I now have about anything and everything with Austin while I try to keep up with him!  Even when I am alone on a run, it is a great time for me to clear my head and pray.  I have never regretted a run, and the feeling that comes after finishing a particularly challenging run is like no other.

Looking forward to a chilly run in the morning!  Is it strange that I have missed my Under-Armor cold gear running tights and can't wait to break them out as soon as the temperatures dip below 45?

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