Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Good to be Back

Back in Jackson, that is!  The past two days have been a fun whirlwind of seeing and visiting with all of the people in Jackson that are so special to me.  I'm going to attempt to rewind and start this recap on Monday... 

Monday morning I saw Em and April off to work and then did a little blogging.  Deanna and I had a fun lunch at Broad Street, and I got my all-time favorite quiche and salad plus a tasty fall cookie.  We decided the 8 miler on Sunday would surely cancel out the cookie!  After lunch we went out to the Renaissance for Deanna to pick up a birthday gift for her nephew and just to walk around and enjoy the pretty day.  I ended up finding two presh Anthro plates for my plate wall and a new planner (!).  I am making myself save the planner for next week when I can set aside some time to go all the way through 2012 and fill it with birthdays, weddings, important dates, etc.  This will undoubtedly be the highlight of my week- excited is an understatement!  

    plate wall inspiration picture from Pinterest

Deanna and I then ended up at Barnes & Noble reading magazines and chatting for a while.  After she left, I killed a little more time in the Barnes and Noble cafe with coffee the latest issue of Southern Weddings.  Yes, my wedding is over, but I will never get tired of looking at other pretty weddings!

Monday night I went and had supper with Rebecca and watched our shows!  Watching Gossip Girl and RHOBH together was such a treat.  That about wraps up Monday!

Yesterday I met Sue Ann at her house for lunch and enjoyed my favorite salad in the world: the Newk's favorite.  If there was one salad I wish was in Dallas, this would be it.  Leafy greens + grilled chicken + gorgonzola + grapes + cranberries + artichokes + pecans + delicious dressing = so good!  I have tried to re-create this little gem, but nothing beats the real thing! 

I then headed downtown to meet a friend/former moot court coach and professor at a Jackson establishment, The Mayflower (as seen in "The Help" movie!).  After some good advice and catching up, I went to my law school to judge a moot court competition that is going on there this week.  It was good  but a little weird to be back, and I enjoyed running into some old friends and professors.  Because I was already downtown and could not resist, I drove by my old apartment that I loved so much during my three years in Jackson.  Then I remembered that it didn't have two very important things: (1) Austin or (2) a washer and dryer and thanked the Lord that I have both of those now in Dallas! 

Last night my friend Eric invited some friends over to his house for some grilling and visiting.  After a quick stop at Kroger for chips, dip, cookies, and some cheese samples, we made it to Eric's and enjoyed good food and good friends!  
Love these girls!

Eric flipping the burgers

EmHen and MBP loving the chiminea

North Louisiana Emily Anne & South Louisiana Emily Anne

By the end of the night we had 4 iphones and 1 ipad out in our attempt to access Lindsey's twitter...  We finally did it, though - good times!  We also had a lengthy discussion (and many laughs) about the past tense of tweet... thrilling stuff.   

I'm off to get ready to go eat my favorite chicken salad at Beagle Bagel with more sweet friends!  All this eating means we better be having some walk & talk time tonight on the Natchez Trace. 

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