Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello Blog-world!

Well, I suppose I should actually say "Howdy" as a proud Texas Aggie (whoop!) 

After several years of reading and following blogs, I am taking the plunge!  I am a newlywed, and shortly after we got married, my husband Austin began to refer to things we would do together for fun as "blogable" (he would probably want me to point out that he was being 100% sarcastic and poking fun at my daily blog-reading habit which he still doesn't quite understand).  This quickly became a running joke between us, and I finally decided I need to start actually blogging all these "blogable" moments of fun.

 The name "Dixie on my Mind" comes from my family's perfect little pup Dixie, who was with us for most of my growing-up years and who I still miss so much!  She was the sweetest dog in the world.

I am not quite sure what this blog may turn into for me, but I am excited to have a place to write down our memories during this fun chapter of life and document the things to come.

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