Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Well our weekend of sports was quite a letdown!  No championship for the Rangers and no win for the Aggies. All we have to show for our whirlwind trip to College Station is sunburn.  

The cinnamon rolls were a hit this morning, though, and today is my Mom's birthday!  Happy birthday, Mom!  I hope I get to see you next weekend and I wish I could celebrate with you today- I love you!

The best compliment I ever get is when people tell me I remind them of you!  Have fun with your pine straw today (and please remind me to include the pine straw saga in a post someday about why Texas is not quite the same as the south)!  

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sporty Weekend

We have high hopes for this sporty weekend - our fingers crossed for a Rangers win tonight in the last game of the World Series and an A&M victory tomorrow over Mizzou!  We've gotten to go to a few Rangers games since we have been in Dallas, and it is just so exciting to have another Dallas team playing for a championship.  Austin is convinced that our presence here has been all that the Mavs and now the Rangers have needed to dominate.  Tonight we will be watching game 7, eating turkey burgers, and hopefully celebrating another Dallas championship!

Tomorrow we are headed to Aggieland for the Mizzou game!  I'm looking forward to getting to wear jeans and boots to the game (whoop for cooler temps) and seeing lots of Aggie friends.  Kyle Field is just such a fun place to be - of course I may be a little biased, but I would argue that it is the best place to watch college football in the country.

Fingers crossed for two big wins this weekend!

This afternoon I am attempting to make the Pioneer Woman's famous cinnamon rolls.  We are in charge of bringing breakfast to our Sunday School class on Sunday, so hopefully these will turn out well!  My mom makes the world's all time best cinnamon rolls, but she uses a starter to make her dough.  I do not have the precious starter, so I'm using the PW's recipe for the rolls but still using my mom's glaze.  I will try to remember to take some pictures and document the process (or at least the finished product).

Austin and Mom making her DELICIOUS rolls:

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Good to be Back

Back in Jackson, that is!  The past two days have been a fun whirlwind of seeing and visiting with all of the people in Jackson that are so special to me.  I'm going to attempt to rewind and start this recap on Monday... 

Monday morning I saw Em and April off to work and then did a little blogging.  Deanna and I had a fun lunch at Broad Street, and I got my all-time favorite quiche and salad plus a tasty fall cookie.  We decided the 8 miler on Sunday would surely cancel out the cookie!  After lunch we went out to the Renaissance for Deanna to pick up a birthday gift for her nephew and just to walk around and enjoy the pretty day.  I ended up finding two presh Anthro plates for my plate wall and a new planner (!).  I am making myself save the planner for next week when I can set aside some time to go all the way through 2012 and fill it with birthdays, weddings, important dates, etc.  This will undoubtedly be the highlight of my week- excited is an understatement!  

    plate wall inspiration picture from Pinterest

Deanna and I then ended up at Barnes & Noble reading magazines and chatting for a while.  After she left, I killed a little more time in the Barnes and Noble cafe with coffee the latest issue of Southern Weddings.  Yes, my wedding is over, but I will never get tired of looking at other pretty weddings!

Monday night I went and had supper with Rebecca and watched our shows!  Watching Gossip Girl and RHOBH together was such a treat.  That about wraps up Monday!

Yesterday I met Sue Ann at her house for lunch and enjoyed my favorite salad in the world: the Newk's favorite.  If there was one salad I wish was in Dallas, this would be it.  Leafy greens + grilled chicken + gorgonzola + grapes + cranberries + artichokes + pecans + delicious dressing = so good!  I have tried to re-create this little gem, but nothing beats the real thing! 

I then headed downtown to meet a friend/former moot court coach and professor at a Jackson establishment, The Mayflower (as seen in "The Help" movie!).  After some good advice and catching up, I went to my law school to judge a moot court competition that is going on there this week.  It was good  but a little weird to be back, and I enjoyed running into some old friends and professors.  Because I was already downtown and could not resist, I drove by my old apartment that I loved so much during my three years in Jackson.  Then I remembered that it didn't have two very important things: (1) Austin or (2) a washer and dryer and thanked the Lord that I have both of those now in Dallas! 

Last night my friend Eric invited some friends over to his house for some grilling and visiting.  After a quick stop at Kroger for chips, dip, cookies, and some cheese samples, we made it to Eric's and enjoyed good food and good friends!  
Love these girls!

Eric flipping the burgers

EmHen and MBP loving the chiminea

North Louisiana Emily Anne & South Louisiana Emily Anne

By the end of the night we had 4 iphones and 1 ipad out in our attempt to access Lindsey's twitter...  We finally did it, though - good times!  We also had a lengthy discussion (and many laughs) about the past tense of tweet... thrilling stuff.   

I'm off to get ready to go eat my favorite chicken salad at Beagle Bagel with more sweet friends!  All this eating means we better be having some walk & talk time tonight on the Natchez Trace. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ruston Weekend

Hello from Jackson!  I am so excited to finally be here with all my faves, but first I had a pit stop in Ruston to visit Mel and the grands.  After I made it to the big R on Friday, Mammo and I went to the newest Karl Malone venture, Teriyaki Grill, for some supper.  No KM sighting, but we had a fun little dinner.  We played a rousing game of 5 Crown while we waited for Mel to get off work, and then I fell asleep on the couch (shocking).  It was a wild night!

Saturday morning Mel and I were up bright and early to head to Shreveport for her Sigma Kappa Alzheimer's walk at the Boardwalk.

Mel loves early mornings! 

We spotted some native wildlife and really good grammar on our walk.  Welcome to Louisiana! 

After the grueling .3 mile walk, we headed back to Ruston and made a stop at the Beehive.  They were all about some birds, and naturally I was loving life when I found this table of goodies: 

It seems like we always end up there when we're in Ruston, but the store has so much stuff that it is really overwhelming.  Our next stop was Counter Culture for lunch and a Humphrey.  Oh my word, if you have never experienced the Humphrey then you are really missing out.  It is heaven in a yogurt cup: frozen yogurt, granola, honey, bananas, grapes, and strawberries = so good.  We substituted peaches (had to get peaches in Ruston, duh) for strawberries and it was delish.  


Our next stop was to visit the Scott grandparents and Mel's turtle Shelly who is currently living in their sun room.  We watched the Aggies BTHO Iowa State (whoop!) and had a good visit with G&P while we were there.  After that, we ran a few more errands and were pretty boring the rest of the night!  

Sunday I went to church with Mammo and Pop and then hit the road to Jackson after lunch at Pizza Inn.  I made a quick Target trip in Jackson before arriving at Em's where she and April were waiting for me!  We visited for a little bit and then I met up with Deanna to run.  She is training for a 1/2 marathon in December and this week her long run was 8 miles.  I was pretty sure I would not be able to make it the whole run, but once we got to chatting and catching up, the miles flew by and it was over in no time!  My legs are definitely feeling it today, but I am pretty proud of us!  

Back at Em's we made breakfast for supper in record time and devoured pancakes, cheese grits, and turkey bacon - so good!!!  We watched the RHONJ reunion together and then all fell asleep (I may or may not have fallen asleep during the end of the reunion...).  Our consensus was that Teresa has officially gone off the deep end and looked like a craze at the reunion.  

Today I am having lunch with Deanna at one of my Jackson favorites, Broad Street, and then doing a little shopping at Renaissance.  Tonight Rebecca and I are planning to watch Gossip Girl and RHOBH together, and I am so excited.  It feels great to be back in my favorite city! 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Let the Fun Begin!

Happy Friday!  We had a great quick run this morning followed by some delish pumpkin pancakes.  I meant to take a pic of the pancakes, but forgot, so here is a random one from Pinterest (although those are my dishes!).  We can just pretend mine were this pretty and that I would ever have any earthly idea how to photograph syrup in action.

I have been waiting for this weekend/next week to get here all week, and I am just so excited!  I have so many fun things planned for my time in Ruston and Jackson and can't wait to get on the road.  I am a fan of road trips, which I certainly get honestly.  I love the time alone to think, pray, and sing (consider yourself lucky you are not around for that).  My first order of business once I figure out how to get to I-20 from here will be to locate a Starbucks and get a little treat.  I have a Starbucks gift card that has been burning a hole in my pocket all week.  Happy weekend to you!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ready to Run

Although I "ran cross country" in junior high and "ran track" in high school, running is something that I have really come to love only in the past year or so.  Having a running buddy is the number one reason that I think I have stuck with running.  There are two friends that immediately come to mind when I think about why I started running, and more importantly, why I am still running.  Both of these girls challenged me so much and I absolutely cannot over-emphasize the importance of having a work out accountability partner.

Some lovely action shots during our 10K in January with my old neighbor/running buddy who I miss so much! 

These days my running buddy is Austin (also known as the most energetic human alive), and we are loving exploring all of the fun areas to run in Dallas.  So far we do the majority of our runs at the Katy Trail, which is a 3.5 mile trail in downtown and uptown Dallas.  Most parts of the trail are pretty shaded, which was a tiny bit of relief during our hot hot summer runs.  Our newest favorite running spot is White Rock Lake.  White Rock is a little further away from where we live, but it is a 10 mile loop around a pretty lake surrounded by beautiful homes.  I have noticed that White Rock seems to have a more "hard-core" clientele.  Think lots of lululemon, herds of people from the Dallas Running Club, and people that actually eat those gu things (I have not entered that world yet).  

When we first moved to Dallas, Austin and I planned on doing the White Rock 1/2 marathon in early December and have been training with that goal in mind.  However, last week we re-evaluated and decided that it would be better for us to do our first 1/2 marathon during a less busy and less expensive time of year (and hopefully when it is not super cold!).  We plan to continue our training, and our new goal is to work up to 10 miles and maintain that level of fitness, then add on as our yet-to-be-determined springtime 1/2 marathon approaches.

Whatever distance I am ever able to run, I am thankful for runs that provided some of the best wedding planning sessions with Laura, heart-to-hearts with Sue Ann, and for the conversations I now have about anything and everything with Austin while I try to keep up with him!  Even when I am alone on a run, it is a great time for me to clear my head and pray.  I have never regretted a run, and the feeling that comes after finishing a particularly challenging run is like no other.

Looking forward to a chilly run in the morning!  Is it strange that I have missed my Under-Armor cold gear running tights and can't wait to break them out as soon as the temperatures dip below 45?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

My favorite thing Austin got on our shopping trip on Sunday is a navy/tan/blue check shirt that is quite fall-ish.  He wore it to work today (I finally tackled that mountain of ironing - and by tackled, I mean made a tiny dent), and I just thought he looked so cute! 

Prediction: this shirt might possibly be seen on Thanksgiving day.  Maybe one day I will show you my morning outfit... if it is ever something other than workout clothes. 

Today I have just been really really excited about seeing my sister some of my law school friends very soon!  I have not seen most of them since graduation/our wedding, so a visit is long overdue!  Gchat is fun, but I'm thinking the slumber parties to come next week will be so much better. 

Mel and I have a fun Saturday planned of a movie and organizing (cannot wait!) and probably a rowdy card game with the grands.  I miss her so much and I'm so proud of her - can't wait for our day together!  

Can't wait to see all these sweet girls!  I'm looking so forward to some therapeutic chat sessions re: this strange season of waiting and wondering what the future holds, some good runs and walks with my old running partners, some Bravo watching (if I can stay awake), and some tasty meals at my favorite Jackson places (Newk's favorite salad, here I come). 

Now that this has been sufficiently random, I am off to grate some cheese and make some bacon for the top of our leftover potato soup! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Football, the Fair, and Friends

Our weekend was busy but fun!  On Friday evening we went to Studio Movie Grill for the first time and saw the "Ides of March."  It was entertaining, but not something I'd really care to see again.  The food at SMG was also sub-par...this is now sounding like an awful night.  It really was a fun date night and a good way to end the week! 

Saturday morning we made our very first pilgrimage to the Texas State Fair with our friends Ben and Rebecca.  It sure was a sight to see.  I have heard about the VARIETY of fried food (fried butter, y'all) but it was an experience.  Austin was in hog heaven and managed to find a booth selling "buffalo chicken in a flapjack" at 9:45am.  He had to wait for them to "heat up the grease" before he was able to enjoy this delicacy, but enjoy it he did (somehow).  It consisted of a buffalo-flavored chicken tender that was battered in jalapeno pancake batter and then deep fried.  Oh, but wait, the best part was that it came on a stick and was served with a side of syrup!  The smell of this thing alone was enough for me!

At the Cotton Bowl inside Fair Park sporting our maroon and white!  

"Big Tex"

We then made our way to the petting zoo where Austin and Ben narrowly escaped being gored by some type of gazelle.  Other highlights of the petting zoo were baby zebras, baby goats, some crazy alpacas, and a kangaroo with a joey in her pouch! 

Our next fair adventure was to try the famous Fletcher's corn dogs (missed you for this part, EmHen!).  For a corn dog, it was pretty tasty!  

We also walked through the car show and got educated by our car-enthusiast friends Ben and Rebecca.

Saturday afternoon was spent watching the Ags BTHO the Baylor Bears!  Whoop!  The "Battle of the Brazos" is no more with our move to the SEC, so it was good to go out on a high note.  Oh how I wish I could've been at Kyle Field to do the S-E-C chant with 87,000 other Aggies on Saturday!

Saturday night we went to a get together with some friends from church and had some delicious brisket, ribs, and s'mores.  We also were so excited to watch the Rangers win the ALCS and advance to the World Series!  I heard on the radio this morning that this is the first time ever that the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and World Series will all be held in one city in the same calendar year.  Exciting times in the big D!

On Sunday, we were excited to have one of my best friends Katey and her fiance Casey come to Sunday school and church with us!  We had another great Sunday at FBCD. After church we made a stop at Jos. A. Bank for Austin to shop with a birthday gift card.  He ended up with several new things that are now on top of my ironing pile...  Speaking of ironing, I have GOT to actually go do some today before Austin gets home!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


One of my very favorite things about being a Christian is seeing God answer prayers.  I am always completely amazed at the way God works and the solutions He comes up with.  It always seems to be the case that God solves our problems or takes away our concerns in ways we never could have imagined. 

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.  As the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts."  Isaiah 55:8-9

Such true and powerful words!  I am thankful today for a timely reminder that God is in control - He always has been and always will be.  He does answer our prayers - He just does it in His own way on His own time. 

I mentioned on Monday that I am going through a transitional period of life right now.  I am a planner.  I do not like surprises or uncertainties or the unknown.  I have been planning the course of my life for a long time, and so far, I have basically stuck to that plan.  Well, these days the events I have planned have all pretty much come to pass, and now I don't know quite what to do.  Um, how about trust God's plan?  What an obvious answer - difficult for a control freak like me, but so obvious.  I know His plan is better than mine.  I know He has prepared great things for me.  What more could I need? 

"Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."  Psalm 27:14


P.S. Austin insisted that I add an addendum to yesterday's line up of our fall TV shows.  We also love the ABC Wednesday night shows The Middle, Suburgatory, and Modern Family!  

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello Blog-world!

Well, I suppose I should actually say "Howdy" as a proud Texas Aggie (whoop!) 

After several years of reading and following blogs, I am taking the plunge!  I am a newlywed, and shortly after we got married, my husband Austin began to refer to things we would do together for fun as "blogable" (he would probably want me to point out that he was being 100% sarcastic and poking fun at my daily blog-reading habit which he still doesn't quite understand).  This quickly became a running joke between us, and I finally decided I need to start actually blogging all these "blogable" moments of fun.

 The name "Dixie on my Mind" comes from my family's perfect little pup Dixie, who was with us for most of my growing-up years and who I still miss so much!  She was the sweetest dog in the world.

I am not quite sure what this blog may turn into for me, but I am excited to have a place to write down our memories during this fun chapter of life and document the things to come.