Sunday, June 28, 2015

Catching Up & Summer Fun

Lots of summer fun to catch up on since my last post two weeks ago!

Austin's office had a lunch to encourage healthy eating recently, so I sent black bean and corn salsa/salad to work with him.  I'm sure you've had some sort of rendition of this... of course the name was way too boring for my fun loving husband, so he renamed his dish "Mexican Jellybean Dip."  Oh how he makes me laugh!  I do think his name is way more exciting.  

While we're on the subject of Austin - I have to brag on his grilling skills just a bit.  He has been tearing it up this summer and making me delicious burgers on the reg!

My sister Mary Katherine has been teaching herself calligraphy this summer, and she inspired me to practice my own calligraphy.  Father's Day was a perfect time to do it!  My dad's card was not quite dry when I snapped this pic...

We spent last weekend in Austin with my in-laws for Father's Day.  Saturday afternoon was spent out by Buddy and Suann's pool with lots of food and lots of family.  Sunday we went to church and then lunch at P.F. Chang's before we hit the road back to Dallas.  Buddy and Suann also gave us some bikes (!!!) they were no longer using, so we have been loving some summer night bike rides.


Also while in Austin, we went to At Home after my in-laws raved about some fun things they had found there recently.  I was so impressed!  We scooped up a table and some pillows for our patio, a mirror, and two lamps for our guest room.  The prices were so great, and I could have browsed for hours.  Our guest room got a little spruce up thanks to our At Home finds just in time to host Mom and MK in Dallas this weekend.

Highlights from Mom and MK's weekend in Dallas included homemade pizza on Friday night, blueberry pancakes with peach compote on Saturday morning, shopping at Northpark on Saturday, lunch at The Porch, and a trip to Steel City Pops for an afternoon treat.  We also had a great morning at church this morning - I always love patriotic Sunday.  It was so fun to have them here, and I miss them already!

We highly recommend the watermelon, coconut, and blackberry pops!  I can also vouch for the deliciousness of the coffee pop from past experience.  Austin got pineapple jalapeno this time, which was not my favorite popsicle experience ever, but it was interesting and not terrible...

I cannot believe that June is basically over, but I am looking so forward to a four day week and celebrating one of my top three holidays next weekend - the 4th of July!    

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wedding Weekend in Natchez

Another road trip to Mississippi and back is in the books!  This time we went to Natchez, MS for my cousin Phillip's wedding.  It was such a treat to have a four day week last week since we took Friday off to drive over so we could attend Phillip and Abagail's rehearsal dinner.

We got into Natchez around 1:00 on Friday afternoon, grabbed a quick bite for lunch, and then got checked into our hotel.  The Natchez Grand Hotel was a perfect place to stay for the weekend.  The rehearsal dinner was at a place called "The Castle" behind Dunleith, one of many beautiful plantation homes in Natchez.  

It was such a fun night and a super delicious dinner!  I'm still dreaming about the salad we were served before dinner with huge boiled shrimp, tons of crab meat, briny capers, and dark leafy greens.  Oh so good!

The Castle / Dunleith

The wedding was at 11:00 Saturday morning.  Early Saturday morning, my mom, Austin, and I went on a walk around downtown Natchez and had a great time exploring.  Natchez has so much history and is just a gorgeous place.  

My dad joined us for some coffee outside back at our hotel while taking in the views of the mighty Mississippi.

Before long, it was time to get ready for the wedding and pack up since all of us were headed back to Texas after the reception.  One reason I loved the morning wedding was that it allowed us to get back to Dallas Saturday evening and not have to miss church on Sunday!

The ceremony and reception were at another drop dead gorgeous plantation - Brandon Hall.  This one was outside of town just a bit and tucked back in some woods off of the Natchez Trace.  It was truly stunning.

After a beautiful ceremony on the front lawn, we headed around back to the reception where we feasted on fried catfish, grits from a grits bar with all the fixings, wedding cake, of course, and lots of other tasty treats.

It was a whirlwind trip but so worth it to be together with so many family members to celebrate Phillip and Abagail - we love y'all and hope you're having a ball on your honeymoon!  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Weekend Wedding in the Mississippi Delta

We are back in Dallas after a whirlwind trip to Greenville, MS for Austin’s cousin’s wedding this weekend.  I originally wrote this post on Monday morning, but I've had some technical difficulties with Windows Live Writer, so I'm resorting to Blogger, which I am generally not a fan of for drafting my posts.

The wedding was beautiful, and we both found ourselves saying over and over how nice it was to get out of Dallas for the weekend and spend a few days in a place with a little bit slower pace. 

We drove to Ruston Friday night after work and spent the night with my grandparents, Mammo and Pop.  Mammo fixed us some snacks and we stayed up and visited with them until almost midnight – the latest hour I’ve seen on a Friday night in a while!  Mammo loaded us up with delicious pecan pie muffins and fruit for our Saturday morning drive the rest of the way to Greenville.

The drive on Saturday morning was so peaceful – field after field of all kinds of crops, two lane roads, and some tiny northeast Louisiana towns.  Very different than our day-to-day drives in DFW!  We were also overjoyed to see some sunshine and fluffy white clouds after weeks and weeks of nothing but rain.

We made it to Greenville, which is where my in-laws met and went to high school.  Suann grew up in Greenville, and Buddy moved there in high school.  Buddy took Austin and I on a drive around town and showed us their old houses and their school.  It was so fun hearing some stories from their high school days! 

Suann and Casey had been helping decorate at the reception venue Saturday morning, and we picked them up after our tour for lunch.  Lunch was just down the road in Leland, MS at Fratesi’s, which is a gas station, bait shop, and restaurant all in one.  It was both hilarious and delicious!  Seriously some of the best chicken salad I’ve ever had.  And the place was packed!  I think the entire town of Leland must eat lunch there on Saturdays.

After our lunch adventure, it was time to get ready for the wedding!  The ceremony was at First Baptist Church in Leland, and the reception was at the Thompson house, which was just beautiful.

We got to catch up with lots of Austin’s cousins, aunts, uncles, and other family members, so that was a treat!  I didn’t take a lot of pictures at the reception, but we had a ball eating, dancing, and visiting.

On Sunday we headed out bright and early to make the drive back to Dallas.  We stopped in Ruston on the way home to pop into Parish Press, a newish coffee shop that we hadn’t gotten the chance to try yet.  Our coffee was delicious, and we also picked up a mug and some local coffee to try in our French Press. 

We stopped at my beloved Newk’s in Shreveport for lunch and had a pretty uneventful trip home.  We will be headed back to Mississippi later this month for my cousin’s wedding, and I can’t wait.  Two Mississippi trips in one summer is quite a treat!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Four Years

Today is our anniversary and my favorite day to look back at our wedding pictures.  I can’t believe this was four years ago!  Life just keeps getting more fun.  Here are four of my favorite pictures from our wedding day as we celebrate four of my favorite years.   





Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekending – Cinnamon Rolls, Daylilies, & Sunday Suppers

As spring turns to summer we continue to discover new things in our flower beds – these GIANT daylilies recently popped up – seriously, they are almost as tall as me! While I don’t think they’ll make the final cut in our beds, they have been fun to watch this weekend.  Let’s face it, we are Aggies, and we can’t exactly have ORANGE flowers at our house.  On Friday we had one bloom, and then by Sunday we were up to six!  I am fascinated by the fact that they literally bloom for one day and then die.  Where did I think they got the name “daylilies?!” 


On to a topic that is slightly more exciting than flower beds… we took cinnamon rolls to church yesterday morning for our Sunday school class.  All the couples rotate bringing breakfast, and this week was our turn.  I’m still practicing, but these were my fluffiest ones yet! 

Cinnamon Rolls1   Cinnamon Rolls2 Cinnamon Rolls

This weekend we also had a great time at our crawfish boil on Saturday and then at dinner with friends later that night.  I did end up taking this coconut cake to the crawfish boil – super easy and tasty.  We had some seriously amazing spinach stuffed chicken breasts on Saturday night at our friends’ house that I need to recreate soon!  Our weekend finished off with another Sunday supper with Jaime and Emily – Emily is such a phenomenal cook, and I leave her house every week inspired to try her delicious recipes!  She made chicken tikka masala last night and it was so so good. 


Because we watch Downton with Jaime and Emily on Sunday nights, we usually catch up on Mad Men during the week.  I cannot believe it is over!  Every time I blog about Mad Men I think I say how weird I think it has gotten, but we’ve watched for too long and were way too invested not to watch the final episodes.  I will say that I thought Pete and his ex-wife getting back together last week was pretty sweet! We are planning to watch the finale tomorrow night after work, so no spoilers! 

MM End of an Era 

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Friday, May 15, 2015

5 on Friday – Vol. 52

I can’t believe it has been almost a month since I’ve joined in on the 5oF fun!  Happy Friday to you and to the lovely summertime hostess of Five on Friday - A.Liz Adventures.


ONE – We are thoroughly enjoying our first spring with a grill!  At least once a week, Austin grills up something yummy for our supper.  This week it was steaks and tons of grilled veggies.  Casey came over bearing Cokes, kabobs, and cookies to round out our meal.  Hello summer!!


TWO – Last week at my office we had “bowtie day” to celebrate our departing law clerk who is an avid bowtie wearer.  I could have worn one of Austin’s bowties, but I thought my giant bow shirt would be way more fun.  One of the partners told me I looked like Elle Woods, so my life is basically complete now!


THREE – I fell in love with a fireplace screen on Joss & Main last week after seeing it on Instagram.  It came in yesterday, and I’m obsessed!  Now we’re just missing a china cabinet in the dining room… hoping to remedy that by the end of the summer.


FOUR – May is anniversary season for us and for our friends Billy & Carly.  Billy and Austin grew up next door to each other, played lacrosse together in high school and at A&M, and lived together at A&M.  It was only fitting that those two get married a week apart :)  May 2011 was such a crazy fun time – Austin and I both graduated from grad school, Billy & Carly got married on the 14th, and then we got married just one short week later on the 21st!  We love y’all B+C – happy anniversary!


Can’t believe this was FOUR years ago either -


Spring 2011 was also when I had all of my wedding showers – some of you asked about a dress I was wearing in a picture in this post – here is a better shot of it – me and my sweet friend Rebecca at my Jackson shower.  Still going strong 4 years later :)  The dress is Lesley Evers.

Jackson Shower

FIVE – Today is my friend Brooke’s birthday, and we are going to a crawfish boil tomorrow with her and her husband and some other pals.  Happy birthday Brooke!  I’m taking a dessert to the crawfish boil, and as of right now, I plan on making this coconut cake.  My mom has made it several times and raved about it.  Can’t wait! 


Have a wonderful Friday!